What We Do?

Tint Tint Agriculture Business is part of Tint Tint Myanmar Group of Companies which is a sustainable social development program to enhance income, education and health care, and access to energy of the rural communities in Myanmar.

Tint Tint Agriculture has negotiated an export contract to supply Cassava and Cassava products in perpetuity valued, which is depending on the degree of processing. Additionally, export sales of starch, flour, ethanol and stock foods are possible to Europe and Non-Asian countries. It is expected that significant domestic markets in the food industries will develop, especially in substituting for imported Wheat.

This program will provide –

  • income for farmers,
  • work opportunities for rural communities,
  • employment in processing, manufacturing and transportation,
  • income from exporting, and
  • potential substitute for imports.
So, the program will raise the wellbeing and standard of livings in Myanmar rural communities.
Process of Export

Organization Summary

  • Business Name: Tint Tint Agriculture
  • Trading Name(s): Tint Tint Myanmar Agribusiness, Tint Tint Myanmar Starch, TTM Flour, TTM Ethanol, TTM Livestock Feed. Apexand Logistics
  • Date Registered: 8th August 2016
  • Location(s) Registered: No.12, Nature Park, Mindama Road, Mayangon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Tel/Fax :+95-9-960 938 300,+95-9-960 938 400
  • Business Structure: Company
  • Licences & Permits: Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC)
  • Project Location(s): Nyaung Hna Pin, Heglu is chosen because it is approximaly 40km distance to Yangon, and 45km distance to the port for export. The total area of 120,000 acres is available for Cassava plantation which is owned by the Myanmar Union leased to the farmers who will be growing the Cassava.

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