About Us

Tint Tint Myanmar is a group of companies headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. We are specialised in Travels and Tours industry with over 500 strong workforce. Tint Tint Myanmar is also making significant contribution to the development of Myanmar through these diversified business sectors.

Tint Tint Agriculture is part of Tint Tint Myanmar Group of Companies which is a sustainable social development program to enhance income, education and health care, and access to energy of the rural communities in Myanmar.


Chairman & CEO of Tint Tint Myanmar Group of Companies

Tint Tint Lwin, Chairman and Entrepreneur spent 18 years as a tour guide operator and corporate traveller. Tint Tint's experience as a corporate traveller inspired her to open her own travel agency. This led to extension of investments in Myanmar into river cruises, hotels and yachting and subsequently into clothing and cosmetics.

The major investment however has been in her people, their hiring, training and supporting them. This commitment to Myanmar extends to villages and farmers through emergency programs in time of floods to support of their health and education. Tint Tint is also the Honorary Consul of Hungary for Myanmar.

Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

To establish a new cassava industry in Myanmar to support all the small land holder to improve their income.
To bring economic to the small land holder to improve their standard of living, by establishing a high value crop to sustained the development of all villagers standard of lifely hood.
The ultimate goals is to develop a new cassava processing industry in Myanmar, to improve the villagers standard of living and at the same time build a sustainable business to support the industry.
Immediate goals is to fulfil an agreement to supply of high quality cassava flour then continue to expand, to supply other markets as well.

Key Personal

Currently, Tint Tint Myanmar Agriculture is driven by the following key persoanls.
No. Name Designation
 1.  Daw Tint Tint Lwin General Manager
 2.  U Htut Oo Yoon Board of Director
 3.  U Tin Aung Tun Board of Director
 4.  U Aung Lwin Board of Director
 5.  U Soe Win Maw Board of Director
 6.  U Win Thurein Kyaw Project Director


Recruitment Options

HR Management

Business Manager, Operation Manager, Logistics Manager and Export Manager with the relevant experience are yet to be appointed.Local knowledge is important and international expert to help train, via internet and recruitment agencies.

Training Programs

Dr. John Troughton has over 35 years of educations and training in Australian university. On going Internal staff training of staff and up skilling is key personnel to continue developing their skills required to operate the business at an optimum level.

Skill Retention Strategies

Appropriate Renumeration for key personnel and on going training and up skilling with performance incentives to retain key personnel. HR will continue to revise and record all skills required and will devise policy and procedures to ensure proper implementations are followed and adhere to.